"I wasn’t going to do this, but honestly after much thought and stress, I’m going for it. I’m officially not in TPTS anymore, so this opinion DOES NOT reflect them—only myself. I take responsibility for every word that I say. I could hold it in, but my conscience won’t let me. Someone has to stand up. This was supposed to be a positive farewell show for me, but I guess not.

The rumor is that our set got cut the other night NOT because of Studio 7, but because Blood On The Dance Floor demanded it. Because they are the headliner and drew around 600 kids, the venue will bend over backwards for them. The venue’s sound guy, techs, etc. seemed a bit uncomfortable as it was happening, and I knew something was up. They LOVE us at Studio 7. We always go hard, we always meet our presale goals, we are always on time, and we are always courteous to everyone there.

If you didn’t hear, about a month ago New Years Day got kicked off of The Scene Is Dead Tour for a few reasons—you can research that on your own. It’s not pretty. A dear friend of our band Tweeted a few times in support of New Years Day. The Tweets said:

“I’m so very proud of @Ash_Costello and all of @NYDrock for standing up for themselves their fans, and what’s right. It’s not always easy to step forward when it involves friends or someone you make look up to, but you’re not alone. Stand up for yourself.”

And that’s it. About 40 minutes before our set, I personally heard Jayy Von Monroe say “don’t even speak of her” when I said her name on their tour bus. It got super awkward and I was wondering what was up.

We were promised “25 to 30 minutes” in the email regarding the show and confirmed that with the owner of Studio 7 while we were doing out sound check. Doors were at 5:30 pm and we were playing at 6:00 pm. One of BOTDF’s employees came up to us during the sound check and said that doors moved to 6:00 pm and we were still playing at 6:00 pm. They were also trying to make it so we couldn’t set up a merch table. A line of kids was literally wrapped around Studio 7 and we didn’t want to play to people as they were walking in, not to mention the fact that friends and family of ours were outside in line. After some argument, we got the doors moved back to the original time, 5:30 pm, and we We started at exactly 6:00 pm (Ryan and I were standing sidestage and looking at his phone. I walked onto the stage at 5:59 pm, sat down, and started the set). Exactly 19 minutes and 30 seconds into our set, we were cut off. I posted a video of it yesterday.

Back to BOTDF having a problem with our friend…we went about our night after our set got cut short. We packed our stuff up and went back into the venue to talk to fans, sign things, take pictures, etc, all the while trying to figure out why we got cut off. We did not make contact with Jayy or Dahvie. When they finally played, I stood side stage for the first few songs.

That’s when this happened. The girl that Dahvie is pointing to is the friend I mentioned earlier—one of my dear friends. BOTDF has always been anti-bullying…that’s one of their major selling points. But after watching this video about 30 times I literally cannot get over how hurtful these words are, and I’m in disbelief that anyone would say these things. My friend walked away in tears and I witnessed the whole thing. BOTDF has a security guy who is HUGE. Nothing on my part could have been done. I’m glad someone caught it on film and made this video.

So if you’re a BOTDF fan and they have supposedly “helped you with bullying at school” or whatever, it’s time to stop supporting these pieces of trash. Their “music” is horrible and they are disgusting people who don’t deserve any of the fame/money they are getting. Their demographic is 12-16 yr old girls and they have a song called “Revenge Porn” that is about getting back at your ex by posting nude pictures of them online. I’m personally embarrassed that I was ever associated with these fools. I hope they get what’s coming.

Please, share this video and let’s get this wretched band out of the scene. Share it on THEIR WALL, share it everywhere.
One more thing…the police showed up that night because a kid who was interviewing Dahvie before the show supposedly got assaulted by Dahvie. As far as I know the
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